• AJ Jordan

2 Reasons Why You Aren't Losing Weight. Explained.

It seems like you've tried every workout plan, every eating plan, counted calories, ect. yet you aren't losing weight. Here is a couple reasons why you aren't losing the weight you planned for.

Understand the basics:

1 pound is equivalent to 3500 calories

You either need to: exercise to burn 3500 calories per week eat 3500 less per week or a combination of both

This equals to 500 calories burned per day.

However, depending on the occasion, some people may do 200 less one day and 800 less another…etc. You still want to have 3500 calories burned at the end of a week.

To eat 500 calories less than you currently do every day or exercise to burn 500 calories every day is easier said than done. This is why some people don’t lose 1 pound per week. Instead, try a combination of both by eating 250 calories less every day AND exercising to burn 250 calories every day.

If burning 3500 calories per week is too hard, aim to lose half a pound per week! This would equal to 1750 calories instead of 3500. Yes, it’ll take longer to lose the weight but it may be easier for some people to stick to which could help prevent giving up.

With burning 1750 calories per week, you’ll need to either eat 250 calories less every day, exercise to burn 250 calories every day or a combination of both!

It’s important to know how many calories you are consuming and/or burning. If you don’t know you’ll always wonder why it’s not working.

That’s like a stranger walking into your job for a day and “eye balling” it. Yikes! Don't "eye ball" your progress.

Know that there is a margin of error and that it’s not perfect and exact. You may forget to account for your salad dressing or that glass of wine, you may overestimate how many calories you burned in spin class, the nutritional information may not be accurate, portion size is wrong, your calorie needs changed, ect.

When in total doubt, overestimate the amount of calories you are consuming and underestimate the amount of calories you are burning when exercising.

You can play with the numbers so it fits your schedule/lifestyle. For example, some people do not want to eat less or exercise over the weekends, then during the week they need to work a little harder each day to make their calories burned to equal 3500. So instead of a calorie burn of 500 per day, it would be 700 calories burned each day Monday through Friday. This does not mean eat whatever you want all weekend!

Some people only have two days to exercise, some have 4, some exercise more on some days and less on others…whatever the method is, the end goal is to burn 3500 calories in a week either by eating less, exercising more, or a combination of both.

Another reason why you aren't losing the weight is that you may have an undiagnosed underlying medical condition. It is best to speak to your primary care physician to help rule out any conditions that hinder weight loss.

Know that you can always get a second or third opinion!

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