• AJ Jordan

35 Ideas For Stress Management

The key is trying different methods to find which one works best for you. It’s also important to recognize when you are stressed and what triggered it. Try a method for a few weeks or months to see if it’s effective.

Here’s an example of some methods I personally do:

Deep breathing- I do this for both small stressful situations (traffic jam) and large stressful situations (argument/work). I practiced so often that now it’s automatic.

Aromatherapy- there is a candle that I love and call it my “stress relieving candle” because the smell triggers something in my head that’s so relaxing!

Talk to a friend- ranting is a proven effective way to quickly relieve stress.

Here is a list of other options you can explore:

Deep breathing

Body scan meditation

Mindfulness meditation

Repetitive prayer

Muscle contract and release

Guided imagery

Scenic walk

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong


Exercise regularly

Talk to someone/vent


Get quality sleep/take a nap



Distract- clean, organize, etc.


Animal play time

Read/watch funny comics, shows, videos, stand-up etc.

Play games- online, board, solo, group, etc.

Listen to music/dance to music/sing




Limit caffeine

Try supplements

Delegate chores/work

“Organize your life”

It’s ok to say “no”

It’s ok to ask for help

Reduce stressors- let go of a bad friend, find a new job, watch less news, ect.

Get quality alone time/companion time

Arts and crafts

Eat high nutritious foods

Find/do a hobby- bird watching, quilting, candle making, ect.

These options are easy to search for “how to” online.