• AJ Jordan

5 Tips To Reach Fitness Goals Without The Gym.

Your gym is either closed or open but you don't feel safe going back just yet. Most people have come up with ideas of their own to maintain their health and fitness but there are some that had specific goals that only a gym could help with.

You try to do it on your own but you are just not making the progress you hoped for. Is it lack of funds, lack of variety, lack of knowledge, lack of support, lack of discipline, lack of consistency?

So now what?

There are so many options out there now since the outbreak of Covid-19 that can help.

  • For lack of funds, look into online fitness programs you heard of but couldn't afford, usually they have offered a free trail period! (Set a reminder to cancel if you don't want to continue later.)

  • For variety and knowledge, there are great videos online! Only problem is...you don't know the instructor's credentials and they don't know what you can or can't do. So if you can spot bad squat form and know substitutions for exercises, most likely this option is okay for you!

  • For support, look into online fitness community boards!

  • For lack of discipline, try a fitness challenge with a friend, spouse, or neighbor!

  • For lack of consistency...that's a tough one. Sometimes you need the gym to come to YOU! Here's where I say hire ATJFitness! ATJFitness helps with consistency because you are on a schedule! Not only will you get help with staying consistent, you would also get the discipline, support, variety, knowledge, oh, and actually reach your fitness goals!

You have options! Which one would work best for you?