• AJ Jordan

6 Reasons You’re Messing Up Your Home Workout

Some people choose to workout from home for many reasons but it may do more harm than good. Here are some common reasons why people mess up on their home workouts.

1. You skip the warm up

Warming up is just that- it warms up your body to prepare for exercise. Warming up helps get the heart rate up which increases blood flow to the working muscles and lubricates the joints which helps prevent injury.

2. You skip the cool down

Suddenly stopping after moving vigorously may lead to light headedness which could cause some people to faint. Be kind to your body and heart, slow down then stretch. Give every system in your body respect by allowing it time to recover.

3. You don’t plan

Without a plan you may not be efficient in your workout which feels like you’re wasting time and not getting enough out of your workout. Plan ahead. Know what you’re doing and what you want to accomplish in the workout.

4. Being lazy

It’s so EASY to skip a workout at home because…well…you’re home! You can say you’ll do it later or after lunch, but you end up pushing your workout further and further back until…it’s bedtime. Get up and do it or get out of the house to get it done!

5. Not pushing yourself

No one is watching. You’re not feeling it today. The workout video said to do push-ups but you sit it out instead. Yeah. You know I’m talking to YOU! It’s easy to take it easy when you’re at home! Treat a home workout like the gym or your job and take it seriously.

6. Not setting aside time

You have a schedule…for the most part. We often forget or make excuses on not setting time aside for a home workout. You don’t have to go anywhere! You basically cut out all the drive time, how are you NOT taking advantage of the bought time?! You know when you have to wake up, you know when you have to go to work, you know when you need to take your dog out, pick up kids, eat dinner, why not know when you need to workout? Set a time and schedule it into your day.

Photo by Li Sun from Pexels