• AJ Jordan

Don’t Have Time to Exercise?

I often hear people say, “I don’t have time to exercise.”

I hear you, I do.

But I don’t believe you.


I’ll tell you.

I have a friend who takes 30 minutes to feed his pets. 30 minutes. What on Earth takes 30 minutes to feed their pets? Ok, I can imagine feeding FIVE cats with canned cat food and that would maybe take 10 minutes? Refill water? Another 5 minutes? I think we can all agree on 20 minutes TOPS! What exactly is he doing within those 30 minutes?

I know of another person, takes her an hour to get her and the kids out of the house in the morning….an hour! I’m not talking about getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc. I’m talking about after the fact when everyone should be ready to physically walk out of the door. What is going on in that whole hour?

The main issue here is time management. You need to manage your time better!


Look it up.

Either online, read a book about it, seek a therapist, ask a friend, etc.

You need to manage your time better

The other issue is your environment. Are your dogs disciplined enough to know that they need to sit and wait for food? Are your kids running around the house taking off their clothes for who knows what reason? Is no one listening to you and taking you seriously?

That’s something YOU need to fix to make other things in your life fall into place WHEN it should because cleaning up after the dog’s mess and repeating yourself for the 5th time is just time consuming!

This time adds up

Just like calories. Yeah, burning 50 calories by taking the stairs is just 50 calories, but what if you took the stairs 4 times a day?! That’s 200 calories burned!

And if I haven’t made you mad yet, are you on your phone playing games or reading junk first thing in the morning or last thing at night? How long does that take you? I know it takes me 30 minutes if I add it all up. Just enough time to exercise….

Or maybe you love to binge watch your favorite show on your favorite platform! Even ONE show is enough to get a workout in or at LEAST plan your next day’s meals so you’re not skipping breakfast and eating your days’ worth of calories at a fast food restaurant closest to your job.

This is why people say this is a lifestyle.

It’s not a Monday through Friday thing, it’s an everyday thing.

It’s not a “when I can find the time” thing, it’s an “I make time for this” thing.

Think of a task, a hobby, a habit, that takes up your time. Can it be made shorter? Can you move it around? Can someone else do it?

If you only had time for that, or working towards a fitness/health goal, which one would you choose?

You have the time, you just choose what is a priority whether it’s taking an unnatural amount of time doing things, repeating yourself over and over to your kids, playing on your phone, binge watching tv, hanging out with friends, overtime at work, etc. These are all choices you make that take up time. Granted, we may not have a choice like work, but some things...and I’m sure you know what…can be fixed to make room for your own health and fitness.

Prioritize. Manage. Take control.

You have the time.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay