• AJ Jordan

Eat Healthy During Covid-19!

Going grocery shopping you realize the things you normally would get aren't always available right now and it can be frustrating, especially when you have goals to maintain! While not perfect, here are some tips that can help you stay eating healthy.

Food Pandemic Tip #1

Search for local farms! Try keywords such as: farmers market, produce farm, farm, etc. Zoom out and zoom in on certain locations.

Food Pandemic Tip #2

Once you get hands on fresh produce, cut up and freeze your own fresh fruits and vegetables or buy already frozen.

Food Pandemic Tip #3

Make your own! Look up how to knead bread, mix without mixer, bake without eggs, diy teriyaki sauce, homemade tomato sauce, get primitive!

Food Pandemic Tip #4

Make meals out of what you already have. Try searching for "website that gives you recipes based on ingredients you have."

Worse case scenario, ATJFitness can search, help, and teach you the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this pandemic.