• AJ Jordan

Eating Healthy Does NOT Have to be Expensive!

You hear people say, "eating healthy is expensive!" but it doesn't have to be! I'll break down why it seems that way and describe ways to make it more affordable.

You go to a fast food place and see that you can get a whole meal off the value menu. You can get a burger, small fry, and a small drink for less than $5 but getting a bag of salad from the grocery store is almost the same price and you haven't bought salad dressing and toppings yet!

That's one reason why people say it's expensive to eat healthy.

What people fail to realize though, is that your $5 burger meal only lasts you for one meal whereas you could get about three salads from one store bought bag of lettuce. So if you really think about it, a homemade salad can cost less than $2 per serving.

Buying pre-cut produce, leaner cut meats, and pre-seasoned proteins are expensive, that is true, BUT...

If you buy your own lettuce and cut it up yourself, not only can you have a more nutritious salad from having different types of lettuce in it, you could save money in the long run.

If you buy frozen fish and season it yourself, you could save money.

If you buy high fat meats and drain or cut off the fat, you could save money.

If you buy whole fruits and vegetables and cut them up yourself for recipes, you could save money.

See a theme here? If you do the manual work yourself, that'll save you a lot of money. When it comes to expensive healthy choices, what you're buying is the convenience of pre-seasoned, pre-cut, and the luxury of leaner beef.

Something to consider: meat costs more per serving than fruits and vegetables. Another great way to save money (and calories) is to cut down on the meats.


1lb precut watermelon- $4.40 per lb

1 whole watermelon (15lbs) $7.99 ($0.53 cents per pound. Cut yourself)

1 pre-made chef salad- $7.75

1 homemade chef salad- $4.46

(For homemade salad, the total cost of ingredients is $12.25 but think of how many salads you can get out of it! Buy whole romaine vs chopped, canned tomatoes vs fresh, store brand dressing vs name brand, etc!)

1lb of 93% lean ground beef- $5.79

1lb of 80% lean ground beef- $4.89

One 4oz fresh bourbon flavored salmon- $8.85

One 5oz frozen salmon with homemade bourbon marinade- $5.86

As for the salmon marinade, yes you’d buy all the ingredients for the marinade BUT it would still cost less PER SERVING plus the ingredients (such as soy sauce, brown sugar, etc.) would last a long time and can be used for other things!

Marinade ingredients:

Lime juice- $.99 (1 tb- $0.11)

Brown sugar- $1.69 (3 tb- $0.07)

50ml bourbon- $0.99

Soy sauce- $1.79 (2 tb- $0.12)

Bottle of squeeze ginger $3.99 (1 tb- $0.20. Cheaper if you buy a ginger root and grate it yourself!)

Small jar of minced garlic- $1.39 (1.5 ts- $0.09. Cheaper if you buy a bulb of garlic and mince a clove yourself!)

Total cost of marinade ingredients: $10.84 (total cost for marinade- $1.58)

As you can see, doing it yourself costs way less than buying for convenience.

second reason why people think eating healthy is expensive, you have to buy all the ingredients

...BUT when you use them for recipes, the price is miniscule. Also, you wouldn't buy a bottle of salad dressing and a bag of brown sugar every time you go grocery shopping.

Another thing to consider is where you buy your food which could cost more at one location but less at another. Also, store brand is often cheaper than name brand.

I hope you learned a lot on why eating healthy can be expensive but also how to make it more affordable!

*Prices at the time of post are based on major chain grocery stores.

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