• AJ Jordan

Fear of Failure

That dreading feeling...what if I fail?

It's scary to think that all your little fails will lead up to you NEVER reaching your dream goal. I promise you, if you have a plan that gives you the feeling of worthlessness because you overate a few hundred calories one day then you're plan is WAY too strict. You are LITERALLY setting yourself up FOR failure!

Guess what....


How can you overcome it?

The goal is to find something that you can realistically do on a consistent basis AND that also brings results! Without ATJFITNESS personal training or a registered dietitian, this can take a few trail and errors on your end. If you keep failing, perhaps the program you are doing is not the best for you.

ATJFITNESS does best by troubleshooting why something isn't working for you. Check out atjfitness.com for more information on personal training and custom meal planning to help you reach your goals!