• AJ Jordan

How to Eat Less Calories with Fast Food

Sometimes we're in a rush or didn’t plan accordingly and turn to fast food because, well…it’s fast and it’s food. But you and I both know that no one needs a large fry and large soft drink. You may WANT a large fry and large soft drink and you may be FAMISHED because you skipped breakfast but a large meal can technically be the serving size for up to THREE ADULTS! Believe it or not, kid’s meals are the closest to adult servings.

What to do if you choose fast food?

Here are some tips:

• Order smaller portions

• Order a kid’s meal

• Be mindful of sauces/drink nutrition

• Many places now have value, snack, or kid size fries

• Order fruit, salads, or yogurt instead of fried sides

• For salads, get fat free or low fat dressing

• Save calories by drinking water, diet, or unsweetened beverages

• Add extra lettuce to sandwiches/burgers (that’s what I do)

• Skip the bacon and cheese if possible (try it!)

• Ask if they make “low carb” burgers (burgers without the bun and in a container)

Now don’t judge me, because I get enough crazy looks as it is at the drive through, but I like to order a small cup of water, a small fry and a plain double hamburger with extra shredded lettuce and I like to divide my double burger to look like two open burgers. I think it tastes great and feels like I’m eating more. This also increases time spent eating which gives my body time to realize I’m full before I’m stuffed. I guess you can call it mindful eating.

A great tip is to...


Look up the nutritional menu online and PLAN ahead!

Knowing you went over your calories in ONE meal after the fact really sucks and mentally makes you want to say, “forget it, I messed up, might as well go crazy.” But that will NOT help you. If you mess up, get back on track with the next meal. It’s ok.

Most fast food restaurants have a nutritional calculator on their website! You can literally plan your meal right there!

Know before you go. Look it up!

Photo by Christopher Williams on Unsplash