• AJ Jordan

How To Get Back Into Exercising When You Don't Want To

Ugh. You fell off the fitness wagon and don't really feel like getting back on but you still have fitness goals you want to accomplish. What do you do?! Here, I provide great and effective tips on how to fix this problem!

1. Take the pressure off of yourself!

Take a mental (and physical) break from exercising. That does NOT mean eat all the foods all time! This just means not to focus so much on exercising for now. Stop thinking about how much you're falling behind, because you're not! Things happen and that's ok! The goal is to not put so much pressure on yourself and not overeat until you're ready to come back, whenever that may be.

2. Give yourself a workout range

Instead of sticking to your original plan, give yourself a smaller range. For example, instead of five 30-minute workouts per week, go for two or three 30-minute workouts or even two or three 10-minute workouts per week. This gives you more time in between workouts to mentally prepare or in case something comes up, you're not stressing out if you miss a day.

3. Give yourself an exercise range

Instead of doing a workout of 30 pushups, 50 squats, and 15 burpees, use a range of numbers like 15-20 pushups, 30-50 squats, 2-10 burpees. That way if you reach your first number, you've reached your goal! If you reach your last number...you STILL reached your goal and everything in between!

4. Find and utilize your most favorite fitness instructor

Remember that really cool instructor you liked that got you pumped?! Go to them again or find one! Having someone that will almost always get you in the mood to exercise (or at least enjoy it) can help get you back on track again. This could be your favorite YouTuber or in person group fitness instructor.

5. Play your favorite music

Find a workout you want to do and perform it to your favorite music playlist! You can find an interesting workout online, mute it, and play your music instead or go to the gym listening to your favorite album or artist! This is a great mental boost.

6. Go to a group fitness class

Nothing says, "I'm going to do this" than being in a room full of people doing the same exercise! Find a class you want to try (or try a free class) and join it! This is great to not only get out of your exercise rut but to also to be around other people working out too. Having a schedule to follow also helps.

7. Hire a personal trainer

Paying for someone else's time and expertise will surely light a fire under your butt! Knowing that if you miss a workout it'll cost you money whether you show up or not is motivation in itself. I advise you ask for one free workout or pay for a small amount of sessions to see if you like their approach to exercising and personality. It is important that you have a good relationship with your trainer.

I hope you learned some great options and will try to utilize one (or all) to get out of your fitness rut! Visit www.atjfitness.com for available fitness programs.