• AJ Jordan

How to Get Rid of Craving Sweets

*If you just want to know some ideas on how to get rid of craving sweets, skip to the bottom.*

I don’t just have a sweet tooth, I have sweet TEETH!

My family doesn’t drink soda often. The only time we may is when we eat take out and it’s a treat. One day, my daughter and I shared a 20oz bottle of soda. We were talking about how much added sugar should a person have per day. What’s the recommended limit? Well, after a quick search online, we found out that the American Heart Association suggests no more than 24g for women and 36g for men.

The soda we were drinking had 65g….

Even drinking half was too much! That’s just in one drink! Imagine the rest of the day! By the way, an average American consumes 96 grams. (2)

*I want to clarify we are talking about added sugar here not naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables.*

So that opened our eyes a bit.

If you noticed, nutritional labels are always changing. I love how now they show percentages of how much everything is based on a 2,000 calorie diet. So when you see that your soda is 130% of your day…you’re more likely to make a more health conscious decision. Maybe opt for a can verse a bottle or carbonated water or….just plain, refreshing, cold water!

Click here or search online for the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans on how to Cut Down on Added Sugars. Great information that’s a quick read.

It’s no secret that too much added sugar is bad for us humans. Just a quick touch on how it can affect your body (1):

• Spikes blood sugar levels

• Bad for your teeth

• Increases inflammation

• Ages skin

• Damages the liver

• Damages the kidneys

• Damages the heart and arteries

• Increases weight

• Increases risk for type 2 diabetes

• Impotency

There is more but if you want additional information, check out the references below or search online.

We know how bad it is but how do we cut back or overcome the cravings?!

Here is a list of ideas that has worked for other people:

• Eat a complete, balanced meal first (hunger)

• Go for a walk (distraction)

• Eat fruit

• Cut cold turkey

• Drink water (you’re probably dehydrated)

• Brush/floss teeth

• Opt for a healthier version

• Cut added sugar

• Abstinence from sweets

• “Get over the hump” (hang in there! Keep trying)




Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels