• AJ Jordan

How To Get Your Kids To Exercise Too!

Health and fitness is very important and kids should be a part of that!

The body needs to move and digest nutritious foods to fuel our physiological functions to survive! If it doesn't do that, well, you know what happens- weight gain and health issues.

My kid exercises on their own now! How did I do that? Here is my approach to having your kids exercise too!

When I first started my fitness lifestyle, I was very anal about form with my kid to the point where they did not want to exercise.

My fault.

It wasn’t until I added youth fitness trainer to my belt and quit being a control freak to realize I approached it the wrong way.

First of all...


No matter what, your kids will copy you.

Then, know as long as kids are MOVING, it’s fine! It doesn’t have to be perfect! Besides, they’re a lot more limber than us adults anyway haha!

Be stern but don’t push so hard. Learn to say:

  • “just 5 mins!”

  • “come join me”

  • “you pick a workout for me”

  • “you pick a workout for us to do together” etc!

Involve them even IF they don’t join you!

Over time, they will eventually come around with your help.

Because of online school (Covid), kids aren’t as active. So I told my kid they have to exercise 20 mins Mon-Fri.

It started with an alarm for a reminder and now they just do it on their own way before the alarm!

It starts with you first though.