• AJ Jordan

How to Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Let's face it, sometimes you dread exercising...or maybe you dread it ALL the time. I feel you! Here are some tips that'll hopefully help you feel more excited while exercising!


Having your favorite type of music playing will get you in the mood!

Sometimes a certain genre may not be my favorite, BUT, it will motivate me to get moving such as rock or dance.


Clothes can not only make you look good but FEEL good too! Put on that one exercise outfit that makes you feel sexy. If need be, BUY one! Build an outfit that makes you go, "Yeah! I need to be seen working out in this!" even if it's only in the mirror ;)


Having someone there with you can make exercising more fun too! Preferably someone that doesn't annoy you, like a best friend who ALSO wants to workout with you or at least dreads exercising too. Just make sure you both actually do the work- sometimes someone who is equally unmotivated like you will more likely make you both not want to exercise.


Don't do something if you don't like it! Hate burpees? Then don't do them!! Explore different type of workouts and see which one you like best. You might be surprised. I never knew I'd love cycling when I hate running. Both are cardio but one I like better!

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