• AJ Jordan

How to Stop Yo-Yoing and be Healthy For Life

Trying to lose weight doesn’t have to be a life long struggle. Sometimes people reach their goals but then go back to poor eating habits, stop exercising, gain back weight and then some. Wash, rinse, and repeat…

That is a common issue with people who want to lose weight and the reasoning behind that varies from person to person.

Sometimes people sign up for intense exercise and diet programs but those aren’t realistic to maintain forever and doesn’t teach the client anything, that’s why once the program is over, they fall back to old habits or gain weight but guess what…the program is built that way on purpose- to keep you coming back and to keep making money off you.

I dislike that.

Another reason is that people start with one slice of birthday cake…then a wedding cake…then a celebration toast…go on vacation…next thing they know, it’s been months of treats that are high in calories and they just keep slipping…which is why it’s important to have your fun, but then “come back home” and get back on track. You may fall off the band wagon, but don’t keep rolling down the street and over the cliff!

Grab ahold of it and hop back on!

Stress is another reason why people yo-yo. Stress causes us to crave high carb/high fat foods which is why stress management is crucial.

Lifestyle changes can be another factor. Since Covid-19 my gym has been closed and I gained a few pounds, but you know what…as long as I stay under a certain weight (boundaries), I’m ok with that (compassion). People experience other life altering situations that puts fitness on the back burner.

Lastly, you may hear this a lot but...what is your "why"? WHY do you want to be healthy for life? Remember that when times get tough for you. It can be a good motivator.

Finding what is realistic for you to do long term, learn healthy habits, manage time and stress with a sprinkle of fun and compassion is important for long term success!

Image by piviso from Pixabay