• AJ Jordan

How To Transition Back To Pre Covid-19 Life

Lots of people are freaking out because they've adjusted to a life with more leisure and don't know how to keep it once they go back to their pre-Covid life.

How will you do it?

You transitioned from one lifestyle into another...you can do it again!

Maybe you became more active, spent more time with friends and family, became more active WITH friends and family, learned how to cook, got into a new hobby...how will you keep this awesome time once you go back?? It's simple. Below are tips on how you can.

The main key is to plan.

When you organize a party, plan a family trip, prepare for a job interview, ect. do you blindly go into it or do you PLAN for it?

  • Plan out your day and schedule your fitness routine. (You may need to break it up)

  • Where and when you can fit your new hobby?

  • Get together with your family/friends and plan your together time...together.

  • DELEGATE! Who can do one thing while you do another?

  • Who can help you cook?

  • What can be taken off your schedule to make time for cooking?

  • Have Trainer AJ do the planning with you!

Learn stress management

Finding a way to manage stress and practicing it will prepare you for those stressful moments. There are many ways such as journaling, exercising, deep breathing, meditate, vent to someone, distract yourself, play with your pet, ect. (I just named 7 that didn't include food...hint hint).

  • Find what method works best for you.

  • See a therapist for help managing stress.

  • Play around with how much sleep makes you feel best.

  • Take a break when things get overwhelming.

  • Learn how to manage your stress now so you'll be prepared.

  • Forgiveness. It's ok.

Take time to adjust

You didn't magically adjust to quarantine life. (Kudos if you did!) So understanding that there will be an adjustment period helps take the pressure off.

  • You had to adjust to "homeschooling"

  • You had to adjust to buying what you can when you can.

  • You had to adjust to learn an online tool.

  • You had to adjust your bills.

  • See the pattern? It takes time, mistakes, and practice.

  • Be patient, forgiving, and know you'll get there soon.

This is one of the many skills ATJFitness teaches. It's not always about losing weight or gaining muscle, there's more to a healthy lifestyle! Share with a friend!

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