• AJ Jordan

Reasons Why People Exercise That's Not About Losing Weight

Losing weight is probably the #1 reason why people exercise BUT there are many other reasons too! There may be some you didn't even think about.

People get criticized sometimes when people just assume they are exercising to lose weight, but that's not always the case!

You never know what someone's reason(s) could be.

Here is a list of what other people have said about why they exercise that's not about losing weight.

• For a healthy lifestyle

• Improve health

• Love how it feels

• Releases endorphins

• Be stronger

• Build endurance

• Build stamina

• Cardiovascular health

• Increase metabolism

• Improve flexibility

• Burn calories

• For energy

• For esthetics

• For maintenance

• For the kids

• Physical rehab

• Help prevent health issues

• Help prevent physical issues

• Community

• Stress relief

• Mental health

• To sweat

• Enjoyment

Why do YOU exercise?